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A Company In-house Branding Team vs A Creative Agency


A Company In-house Branding Team vs
A Creative Agency

Creative agency

Every business wants to make money, to do that you set goals for your company. You want to achieve those goals and get the results. So, what does this have to do with an “In-House Team” or “Creative Agency”. Well which option will help your company achieve those goals?

Having an In-house team has its disadvantages and advantages. But looking at this from a bigger picture for your company’s growth. What is truly best?


Does your “marketing manager” only consider the cheaper option or does he/she look at the bigger picture?

We are going to look at a scenario that’s been happening in the industry. This is a true story of young creatives being used by companies.

We focus on business owners and CEOs who are thinking which is the better option. I have worked over 10 years in the creative scene both In-house and for creative agencies. So, from my experience we will look at a scenario that I have seen play out so many times over the years.

Let’s look at a Real-Life scenario:

You hire a Graphic Designer to help create content to market your company brand. The designer needs to create social media posts, video content for your website and design documents. Your company doesn’t have the budget to hire experienced experts in the industry, but you want to build a good team for your company. You want to have full control over your team and the marketing.


You go the cheaper route, and hire a Junior/mid Graphic Designer. Your marketing manager works with him/her and encourages him/her to learn on how to create videos as this will bring value to the company. The marketing manager feels that this is great, as they are now hitting two birds with one stone. They create videos for your company’s brand. There are no problems yet, you can continue to do this for a few years. Everyone loves to grow their skills even the Junior/mid Graphic Designer. Now that he has gained experience or might be tired of the hectic work load, he decides to look for a better job with an increase in salary.

So, you offer him/her a counter offer and hire another employee so the work load can get more manageable. You built a team for your company’s branding. But did your investment in these individuals pay out?  

Now let’s look at the Money!

Your Senior Graphic Designer who only has a few years’ experience started as a Junior in the company. He has been carrying the work load.


You pay him/her R10000.00 per month that’s R120 000.00 a year.

The Junior/Mid Video Editor (The second employee)  

You pay him/her R6500.00 per month that’s a R78000.00 a year.

Your total investment is R198 000.00 a year. 

Is this a cheaper option?

Remember we mentioned goals, do you think the junior/mid Graphic Designer and Mid Video Editor will be able to achieve the goals you set for your company.

Let’s look at the benefits of having an
“In-House Team”

  1. Has an in-depth understanding of your business.
  2. They can do work on demand.
  3. Affordable labour
  4. Cultural connection (They want the business to grow)
  5. Speed, you’ll be able to get marketing projects turned around super-fast, because you’re the boss and you can control your marketing team’s priorities.


In-house teams work well if your business requires a lot of designing and content creation. It’s easier working directly with the team that is available when you need them.

Personal Experience

From my experience there are drawbacks with having an “In House Team”.  A lot of “In-house teams” get broken up over time because the individuals find better opportunities. These individuals will not want to stay with your company, reason being better jobs will come by that attracts their attention. People like to grow and grab opportunities. Where does that leave your business goals?

How does your In-house team stack up against creative agencies who are the experts in the industry?


Let’s look at the benefits of having a
“Creative Agency”

  1. Agencies are fluent in the best practices of almost every marketing tactic. They are pros who have worked on dozens, even hundreds of accounts.
  2. An Ad Agency may be able to work far more efficiently than an assembled In-house marketing team can. Because agencies handle so much work, they have state-of-the-art workflows and processes that are built for volume, efficiency, and quality.
  3. Agencies usually know the best talent around. Want to find the perfect person to create illustrations for a marketing campaign? They’ll be able to pull the perfect person’s number from their Rolodex, whereas your marketing team may take days to find someone who’s even “good enough.”
  4. Agencies will have an easier time delivering fresh ideas, both for marketing tactics and on the creative side than an In-house team will have.
  5. Agencies may have access to tools and software that smaller In-house teams can’t afford.

Now let’s look at the Money!

Most creative agencies charge per project as a once off fee. They also have monthly packages for businesses or companies.

For this example, we will mention Social Media Posts, Video Content Creation and Artwork Design. We will give “once off” and “monthly” fees.  

Once off fee (Estimate)

  1. One Social Media Post – R850.00
  2. One Video (30 seconds to 1 minute) – R1500.00
  3. One Design document – R1200.00

Monthly fee (Estimate)

You get packages that range from R8000.00 to R12000.00 which includes roughly:

  1. 4 Social Media Posts
  2. 2 Videos (30 seconds to 1 minute)
  3. 5 Design documents

Creative Agencies offer a number of other services with this fee. For example; SEO Optimisation, Website Management and the list goes on.

Why hire a Creative Agency?

When you partner with a creative agency, you get so much more than just a team of individuals who do their jobs.

You don’t have the burden of building your marketing team – For every organization it is a huge challenge to build an excellent quality marketing team. For building a good team you have to hire expert people and also have to manage their workplace, hardware, taxes, and payroll. You can build an “In House Team” but they won’t guarantee a profitable outcome. But if you hire a creative agency you do not have to worry about anything, they will do their work efficiently and accordingly.


Winning is the main focus

When you hire a creative agency, you have peace of mind, they know how to get the job done. They have all the resources and experts to do the kind of work which will make you achieve your company’s goal. This will give you time to focus on other important tasks, also you will invest your time in fulfilling the business goals and making sales.

Unbiased Creative Perspective

They do all the market research about the product and the service before starting the work. So, they will provide you the correct guidance about the measures to be taken for the business.

Get quality work with a low cost

When you hire a specialist team the results will be outstanding and the expenses are reasonable.

They indirectly help market your business

Whenever they create content for you, they will publish it on their social media or their blog to try and bring in more clients. This will automatically provide you free publicity through their channel.



A Creative Agency would want to build a good relationship with your company or business. Compare this to a worker who arrives at work to just get paid.

The experts in a creative agency are always pushing the boundaries of technology to help their clients.

Since these experts have worked on so many projects, they have more valuable information to help your business achieve new heights.

It’s a fact, we’re not all blessed with extraordinary creativity. Not only does a design agency attract some of the most creative people there are, it provides the perfect platform for them to interact, collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. Seriously, when these people get their heads together, sparks of inspiration fly and creative juices really flow! First class creative ideas lead to bigger, better and faster results.

Final thoughts:

This decision to make is different in every company. But I hope this post has helped you determine the best approach for your company. If you’d like to discuss your specific situation further, please feel free to reach out!

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