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Bad Boys 3 Makes More Box Office History As It Tops $215M Worldwide


Bad Boys 3 Makes More Box Office History

Bad-boys-3 Vanessa Hudgens

Surprisingly, “Bad Boys For Life” is nowhere near as bad as its opening day schedule would indicate. It is the best of the three films, offering in some odd ways a corrective to the prior installments. Unlike the original, this one finds some depth in its female characters; unlike the second, it’s not an exceptionally vile mishmash of “Freebie and the Bean” and “Scarface” whose running time felt approximately 600 hours long. This time, Detectives Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowery (Will Smith) are more mindful of how much collateral damage they do, even if the latter must be constantly reminded to temper his carnage. 


With a ten-day cume of $120 million domestic and $215 million worldwide (and a second-weekend drop closer to Mission: Impossible: Fallout than Hobbs & Shaw or John Wick: Chapter 3, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys for Life is about to become the biggest “new” January release of all time.

Bad-boys 1 Poster

As you’d expect, the movie is still packed with car chases, mildly improbable action sequences and shoot-outs galore. (Do these cops ever read anyone their rights or worry about having gunfights in the middle of busy streets? Erm, no.)

It’s a treat to have Lawrence back on screen, verbally sparring with original and new cast members like Pantoliano and Nuñez, while Smith – funny, tough and even vulnerable – reminds us just how he became a big movie star.

Together, they are a great team, gliding over some of the more leaden lines in the script and nodding to their advancing ages with a knowing smirk.

With a fourth movie rumoured – and a hint during the end credits of what it could involve – it seems that bad boys really are for life. And on the basis of this fun movie, that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

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