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Easter Movies That Will Entertain Everyone

Easter Eggs

Whether you want to learn, laugh, or cry, there’s a streamable Easter movie for you — in fact, the options we’ve picked out range from a visual interpretation of the Bible to animated movies kids will love. Plus, cuddling up with an Easter movie is the perfect way to extend the magic of the holiday and get some extra cuddles with the family.


Hop the Movie

This sweet live-action/animated film (starring Russell Brand as the voice of E.B., the son of the retiring Easter Bunny) is full of springtime shenanigans that critics say both parents and kids will enjoy.

Son of God

Jesus Son of God Movie

Created by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, Son of God is an adaption of their record-breaking miniseries The Bible. The feature film expands upon the ministry of Jesus, chronicling his life from birth to resurrection. What makes this movie so unique is that it gives audiences a panoramic view of Christ’s intentions. Easter is no longer simply an “event” which concluded Christ’s time on Earth, it was the moment his entire life had been building toward. With fantastic acting and beautiful scenery, Son of God is truly a miracle to behold.

The Passion of the Christ

Passion of the Christ

Arguably the most famous Christian movie in existence, The Passion of the Christ captures every moment of fear, pain, and resolve surround the crucifixion of Jesus. Though controversy still dogs this violent film, Jim Caviezel delivers a stunning performance that’s still acknowledged to this day. Filled with raw emotion and gruesome brutality, The Passion of the Christ is not for the faint of heart. However, those viewers who can endure its onslaught will step away with a new understanding, and a new hope, in the resurrection of Christ.

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