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Our Services

Video Production

We offer many video packages that range from Live events to creating a marketing video that helps you grow your business.

Our Video Production team has worked on numerous productions from Promotional Videos, Training Videos and even Educational Videos.

Ray Charles

Graphic Design

We create designs that move your business forward with modern, simple but yet elegant Graphic Designs.

From Corporate Identities to creative, attractive artwork for your Online Marketing and your traditional print advertising. We do Branding, Logo Creation, Graphic illustration, Custom Designs & much more.

Online Digital Marketing

Online marketing is advertising a Service or a Product on the Internet. There is a number of ways to do Online Marketing.

We help you create meaningful content that your target audience will engage with and become aware of your Service or Product. We produce content for many platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, YouTube and your Blog for your website.

We use SEO & SEM to help rank your website on Google and on Bing.

Online platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness of your brand, and it boost your leads and sales.

Creative Marketing Agency

Content Strategy

Content strategy concerns itself with the vision, the ins and outs of how and why your

content will be created, managed, and eventually archived or updated.

It looks at all of the content your customers ever encounter.


Website Design

Here at 3 Kings Media Group, we take a different approach when developing a website. There is a lot to consider, the copy, images, the layout, responsive design, and the list goes on. It needs to be fast, reliable, and of course affordable.

If you need an Ecommerce Online Store or just a website to promote your local business online, we got you. We can create a website that will help your business. A website to generate leads and increase sales for your company.

We conceptualize, create a plan, and build your website.

Animation Videos

In today’s world of digital marketing, there is a number of ways to create content for your company. Most businesses use video or graphic design to relate their message to their target audience. This is becoming too common to the “digital traveller”. Your audience wants to see something exciting, content that is different, eye catching and in their words something stunning. If you trying to impress a prospecting client. Animation videos is the right choice for you.

There are different types of animation videos, you get 2D animation which are your Explainer Video, Motion Graphics or Slideshow presentations.

The world of 3D Animation is one that has endless possibilities.

From 3D Modelling of Products to Architecture rendering. Anything is possible with 3D Animations.



Drone Photography

The benefit of using a drone is getting clean, symmetrical shots of whatever it is you are shooting. Since you have full control of the drone and its camera, its very realistic to get the perfect shot.

Product photography

It's so important it might be the difference between making a sale and losing a lot of customers. Your site visitors will always be drawn to an image before they read the text on the page, which means you need to be sure that your images look awesome.

Real Estate Photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” And, in real estate, pictures make a huge difference in how quickly you sell your home. Now, thanks to the continued advancement of technology, buyers can have an intimate look into your home they are interested in without ever leaving their couch.

360° Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is amongst the technologies that have existed as early as the 1960s. Today it is making a comeback into many forms of our daily lives—this high-end simulated experience created by using digital hardware and software to provide real-world experience. Headsets and glasses are used for visual immersion while handhelds and wearables offer tactile sensations.

Why Use VR in Business
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Our Services

  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography
  • Web Design


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