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Brand Identity

Every company needs branding. Branding helps give your company an identity. It allows consumers to recognize the brand and builds awareness around it.

Every business owner has a dream for their company, they want to make an impact in the business world and with 3 Kings you can do that.

Video Production

Latest Tech

At 3 Kings, we have the latest technology. We offer our clients innovative ideas that help differentiate and make their companies unique when dealing with their competitors. We do 360° Images & Video. 

Social Media Strategist

We use Social Media to our advantage. Since people have become more reliant on their mobile phones, social media users have increased rapidly. We use social media to target specific demographics that will help put the brand out there and create a strong clientele.


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"Great work! Appreciate the detail and time taken to help my company create something special"
Anna James
Anna James
Head of Marketing
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  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
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